The TAMU BFSN Aggie Impact Student Emergency Fund supports the financial wellness and personal welfare of African American/Black students at Texas A&M University-College Station campus. The fund provides financial support on a student's behalf when a verified emergency has impacted a student's health, safety, or well-being.


Types of verified emergencies that can be used to apply for the Student Emergency Fund:

  • Medical treatments and needs such as hospitalization, medication/prescription expenses
  • Rent and utility expenses through the Cities of College Station or Bryan
  • Replacement of belongings lost in a fire or natural disaster
  • Safety-related needs (e.g., lock change, emergency shelter, etc.)
  • Address food insecurity
  • Transportation related
  • Other needs at the discretion of the committee

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must provide documentation of recent, short-term emergency needs.
  • Must be currently enrolled at application and at the time of award distribution.

Process and Timeline

  • Submit Student Emergency Fund Application including documentation of the emergency situation and resulting financial hardship (applications submitted without documentation cannot be approved).
  • TAMU BFSN Aggie Impact Emergency Fund Committee member will reach out to schedule a consultation with the applicant.
  • During the consultation, Committee member will determine whether the need constitutes an emergency how the funds could be used to address the need.
  • Determination must be approved by the TAMU BFSN Aggie Impact Emergency Fund Committee, with review and support by the BFSN Aggie Impact Chairs.
  • Most applications will be processed within two to three business days. However, if there are missing documents or additional approval is needed, processing can take up to a week.
  • Once approved, funds will be dispersed directly to the entity that the debt is owed or where the funding is needed.  When addressing food insecurity an intermediary will be used.

The application should include the following:

  • Current bank statement
  • Copy of "What I Owe" page
  • Documentation of the recent emergency:
  • Reducedhours at work documented on a pay stub
  • Noticeof loss of employment, student, or family member
  • Permanentaddress located in the natural disaster area
  • Policereport regarding a safety concern and/or victim of a crime
  • Copy medical bill
  • Statement of how the emergency has caused a financial hardship that has impacted their current academic semester

Reasons for a Declined Application

  • The situation did not meet the criteria for an emergency during a time of or causing financial hardship
  • Documentation was not submitted
  • Student is not currently enrolled at Texas A&M

Application Form

The Student Emergency Fund online application is the first step in applying for funds. A TAMU BFSN Aggie Impact Emergent Fund Committee member will reach out to you afterwards to discuss the nuances of your application.